The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev. Tor Uja, has called on Nigerians to build the nation on principles, values and virtues. He stated this recently while delivering his Independence message at the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) conference in Abuja.

The NCPC boss stressed that the Pentecostal Church was one of the most notable pillars in the development of Nigeria and called on them to be at the forefront of pilgrimage activities. His words: “I will like the Pentecostal Church to be in the forefront of pilgrimage activities in Nigeria because they have the capacity and ability to influence the cause of things, including evangelism around the world”.

Rev. Uja also called on Nigerians to reduce sending their children abroad, and reduce foreign trips that are not necessary and instead look for ways of earning foreign income rather than spending it. He posited that “if we all come together as a nation, by next year Nigeria will not only bounce back but it will move forward”. He also stated: “I want Nigerians to build the nation on principles, values and virtues, not just on mundane issues of wealth and positions”.

He further urged Christians to be part of leadership in Nigeria and to look for sources to change Nigeria instead of just complaining. His words: “the solution of our situation at this time is to provide answers, find ways of earning foreign income, get ways of generating productivity, and then find ways of strengthening the economy through wise spending”.

The Executive Secretary informed that he would restructure NCPC from next year for God and it will stand on three major pillars: Youth, women and leadership. According to him, “if these three are influence for God, to love God and this country, and to provide service delivery, this country will be great again in a few years”.

He further called on the Pentecostal church to organize themselves, especially the youth and women, to go on pilgrimage to be part of the guiding principles that will influence the development of the next generation.