The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian pilgrim commission (NCPC), Rev Tor Uja has said that Africa could overcome her language barrier with good language policy. He disclosed this in Abuja during a dinner in his honour by the Cote d’voire Ambassador to Nigeria, Her Excellency Nee Toure Maman.

He stressed the need for the intervention of both the Nigeria and Cote d’voire government to strengthen the language policy to incorporate both English and French in their language policy to ease communication and strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries and other countries in Africa.

He assured his host that he would embark on spiritual visit to Cote d’voire with some of his management staff to explore some of the holy sites in the country.

He stressed that the time had come to break the language barrier with Cote d’voire, adding that there was need to take bold steps to address language issues in Africa.

Rev. Uja explained that for Africa to come together there was need to overcome language issues and overcome territorial boundaries.

He commended African countries for the stabilization in their political growth and development through stable democracy which according to him encourages political parties to develop good programmes.

He affirmed that Africa has enough resources for everyone to be comfortable if the resources are used judiciously for the people

Speaking, the Cote d’voire Ambassador to Nigeria, decried a situation whereby money meant for the people in Africa are embezzled and taken away to foreign land. She called for more robust cooperation between African countries so as to move the continent forward.

The Ambassador also affirmed that Africa is blessed with rich natural and material resources sufficient enough to take care of every African.

She further stressed the importance of language to both countries. He explained that because of the need to ease communication flow among African countries, the Government of Cote d’voire some years back introduced bilingual language policy which enables an average Ivorian to communicate in both English and French.

It would be recalled that the Ambassador had severally visited NCPC to solicit the cooperation of the commission to explore Holy sites in Cote d’voire. In the same vein; NCPC team had also visited Cote d’voire to explore the Holy Christian sites in the franco phone country