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The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrimage Commission, (NCPC) Rev. Tor Uja has said that the Commission is working on setting up pilgrimage Action Committee in all the states. He made this knownwhen Members of the Conference of TIV Gospel Ministers (COTGOM) paid him a courtesy visit recently at the NCPC corporate Headquarters, Abuja.

He stated that the Committee would help build linkages and bring the people together as the biggest challenge of people is the limitation of not coming together, adding that the Committee would also bring about a moment of fellowship which can break burdens and restructure the Nigeria we all desire.

Rev. Uja stated that it is only the Gospel that can make the change we desire in Nigeria and Encouraged them to set aside a day for monthly prayers for Nigeria as God’s purpose for Nigeria is Global impact.

He informed that the Commission wants to reintroduce a monthly prayer for Nigeria. In his words “we need to build a strong nation”, adding that the Church must stand up for proven leadership by holding Nigeria up to the lord in prayer.

He opined that the participation of TV in pilgrimage is low asking them to prayerfully key into pilgrimage. In his words “we run pilgrimage only the TIV people are completely absent”. Urged them to form and be part of a strategic TIV Minster pilgrimage.

He appreciated them for their courage and their spirit of togetherness. In his words, “it is a great thing that we are doing, I’m glad that you are here.

Speaking earlier, the leader of the delegation Rev. Thomos Shikaan thanked God for the elevation he has given to the NCPC Boss which he said by extension is for all of them. He equally commended Rev. Tor Uja for his focus, his ideas and consistency over the years.

He thanked the Executive Secretary for the warm reception accorded to them and he also informed that they came to invite him for the second edition of the Ministers conference that would hold at Makurdi this August.

He stated that this will be an opportunity to connect together for greater revival and pray for the Nation. He added that the 2nd edition of the conference would be a reunion between the younger people and the older ones.

Rev. Shikaan, described the Executive Secretary as a frontliner in this work of God, saying that he has always been a rallying point over the years. He therefore posited that his presence at the event would enable him to instruct them and to keep the fire burning.

PSALM 84:5
How happy are those whose strength comes from you, who are eager to make the pilgrimage to Mount zion, as they pass through the dry valley of Baca, it becomes a place of springs the autumn rain fills it with pools. They go stronger as they go; they will go they will see the God of gods on zion.
ZECHARIAH 14:16-17
Then all the survivors from the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go there each year to worship the Lord Almighty as King and to celebrate the festival of shelters. If any nation refuses to go and worship the Lord Almighty as king, then rain will not fall on their land.
The Lord Almighty says, "The time is coming when people from many cities will come to Jerusalem. Those from one city will say to those from another, "We are going to worship the Lord Almighty and pray for his blessing. Come peoples and powerful nations will come to Jerusalem to worship the Lord Almighty, and to pray for his blessing
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